Frustrated by your mouse? Try the keyboard!

Back in 1979 Apple introduced the first computer mouse. It was a great breakthrough. So why get back to the old way of dong things? The point is, you’re not doing that. The mouse is a great invention for manipulating visual data.

But if you want to speed up your work, think twice before moving your hand away from the keyboard. It’s faster to use the keyboard for most things while you have your hands at it for typing.

But there is a problem… This is your mission: Close all your applications and hide the mouse. Try how far you can get without it! (wipe the dust of that tab key and use it!)

Here is what happens when I try this on my Mac: tab tab tab… cmd+o (HD) tab tab tab tab cmd+o (Applications) s tab tab cmd+o (I’m in Safari now) tab tab(search box) enter shift+tab shift+tab shift+tab shift+tab shift+tab shift+tab shift+tab shift+tab shift+tab enter(finally reached the site I wanted to)

Can we speed up this process? Yes we can!(don’t say a word about this president person) The first part can be solved using applications like Quicksilver or Google Quick Search Box. These are applications for quickly opening files and applications and much more(moving files, play iTunes, etc.). But how about the second part(Safari, or any other browser)?

The second part is up to people like me(who make websites) For examples, look here(tab index) and here(keyboard shortcuts)(login with demo/demo).


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