Get the overview on what is happening on Twitter visually!


Now available as a web service!

Have you lost who is saying what to who? Do you think one image(graph) says more than a thousand words(tweets)? Are you tired of clicking back and forth to see conversations?

I’ve made a new Twitter solutions that shows all your tweets and your friends tweets in one graph. It connects your tweets to the people you @refer to and to #tags!

To try this great application download it from my Box.net widget as usual. The usage is:

$ python tweetograph.py USERNAME:PASSWORD[ dot|neato|twopi|circo|fdp]

Requires Python-Twitter and PyDot to run. You can optionally specify the Graphviz tool you want to use for layout(default is dot), see Wikipedia.

Known bugs:

  • Dot is really picky on characters entered, so currently some characters get stripped

Update: Now it even draws dotted lines from ReTweets to their original, so you can actually see where that RT came from!

Update: here is a PDF of my network, so you can see how it works: bobdebvlinder(rendered using neato)

Update: Replies now get a dashed line between them so you can really follow conversations!


3 Responses to “Get the overview on what is happening on Twitter visually!”

  1. July 31, 2009 at 2:41 pm

    Wow, this is a really cool idea. I’m not a very big Python person, but if you ported this to an online format such as Flash or Java and marketed it a little, I bet it could really catch on.

  2. 2 pepijndevos
    August 1, 2009 at 8:25 am

    The great thing about Python is that it’s a general purpose language. I’ve written all my Twitter tools with some convention that wil let them work both as standalone apps or as libraries for other apps. I’m planning to write some more Twitter tools and publish them as a sort of toolbox. Either in combination with a GUI toolkit(desktop application) or a web framework(web application).

    Plans for future tools include a spam filter, a basic Twitter client and more.

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