[updated] Mobile Safari better then Safari 4?

[update]: The latest Webkit does support 3D transitions! Examle

Screen shot 2009-10-11 at 3.20.07 PM

Today I was reading about developing web apps for my iPod touch. While reading this article about CSS animations I downloaded the example. To my surprise the example said it required iPhone simulator to run. Stubborn as I am I tried to open it with Safari 4… This gave the following result(try for yourself!):

Picture 11

Surprised as I was I opened it with the iPhone simulator, which yields this result:

Picture 13

It seems that the iPhone supports 3D and perspective css statements that Safari 4 does not support. Isn’t it strange that a mobile device can do things a full sized computer can’t(except for trowing with it while holding a drink in your other hand)? My first thought was that the Mobile Safari was released after Safari 4, so it might have a newer version of Webkit(that’s what powers Safari and Chrome). But the oposite is true, Safari 4 runs Webkit 530.18 and my iPod Touch runs  528.18. I’m to lazy to compile a nightly build of Webkit to see if it works, but until then I got no clue why Safari 4 can’t do this CSS magic.

Here are 2 screenshots of the browser string of both:

Picture 12IMG_0007


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