This is the website of my father and the only one I designed and made completely myself. His old website was also black with orange, he got a lot of compliments for that, but it was messy Microsoft Word HTML and a pain to maintain. He also uses a lot of photos and plays a lot with light and shadow in his buildings, that is why I choose this shadow layout with plenty of room for photo’s.


This website I did make completely, Only the design is made by aDN Art. One real nice thing of this design is that the whole tree scales while keeping proportions! I’ve heard the owner is getting very positive reactions about it, so he told me to put my name somewhere(I did a little css 3 trick, try it with Safari).

iDeal web shop WordPress plugin

This plugin I put a lot of time in lately. There are several Paypal e-commerce plugins for WordPress, but a client of a web designer I know wanted iDeal. The client is king, so if the client wants iDeal she gets iDeal. I could of course add iDeal support to an existing web shop, but I couldn’t find my way trough something complex like an advanced webshop, so I started from scratch. To make it easier for myself I used Mollie, see it like a iDeal framework.

picture-7Opvoeden vanuit het hart

What can I say about it… I only converted the old frames/tables/fixed design to a nice XHTML WordPress theme which stretches vertically. Don’t blame me for the buttons being ugly and the site being so pink 😛


This time I did not do anything with websites, I made a few visiting and publicity cards for them. They just gave me a logo and some text(and of course some money afterwards) and told me to make something nice, Which is what i tried to do. I think I’m more of a programer than a designer, but I am satisfied with the result.


A few years ago I – without any knowledge of AJAX – started to make a game, and not just a game, but an browser based MMORPG! You’re not going to believe it, but it worked! “Worked” is maybe a great word, you could move around(w, a, s and d, I couldn’t figure out how to use arrow keys), and every 5 seconds the page would refresh and show the position of other players and it had chat. Unfortunately this “great work of art” is lost, but I asked for help on a forum once, and someone who did know AJAX made his version with click-to-move and a lot of stuf I could never have done at that time, but one thing he was struggling with was the movement, because dodging trees proved to be a real challenge. The image shows a test case that I still have somewhere on my computer where a player gets to a random point by means of gravitational fields.

picture-5MD5/GD test layout

This site was for nobody in particular, just for myself to toy around. If you really like it you can have it… If you make a few of the random characters reflect my name 😉 The idea is to have a 100% text layout, vaguely inspired by The Matrix. The background text is not just text, it is dynamic images containing md5 sums of parts of the url. The hardest part of this site was aligning the text with the images. You can just select the text as normal, since the rest is images. For every page the background is different but consistent acros page views.


2 Responses to “Other projects”

  1. April 12, 2009 at 8:53 pm

    We are very pleased with the work of Pepijn and will ask him again when needed.

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