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Python browser games: Possible or fantasy?

While working on some database stuff for my CMS I got stuck, so I asked for help. The problem is that at the time of posting it was like in the middle of the night in America. So I looked around on the forums if I could be of any help to someone.

Then I found this thread where someone asked if he could run his PyGame in a browser. I never wrote a game… well not a real one at least, but it sounded interesting. So this is how I spend this day, looking for magic ‘Python applets’

Add me to the list of people who would like to know about it πŸ˜›
After reading this I got myself a copy of Jython and tried some of my scripts(, falied) and made a nice swing gui with the interactive shell.

One thing I noticed is the lack of… A lot of stuff actually. 😦
So step one is to get PyGame to run on Jython at all, if that works… convert to an applet.( )

Could it be possible to make a Python implementation in actionscript?(Flash)
Interesting thought… But just fantasy I guess. πŸ™„

Did anyone here do but even the slightest research ❗ ❓
PyGame on Jython is not even possible, so why bother thinking about PyGame applets?
It’s just not going to happen, unless someone writes a Python browser plugin.

Now THAT is another cool idea, but even more unlikely to happen then a flash implementation of Python.

I searched the whole interned and did not yet found a way to run PyGame in the browser.
The 3 closest are:

Jython, it does java applets, but no PyGame. Writing awt/swing games should be fine.
How about the other way around? Seek a light-weight Java game framework and import it into Jython. You can use java classes remember… Use them!( )
It IS possible to do JNI from within a signed applet πŸ˜‰

Grail, the Python browser. It’s dead and old I think, but it had Python applet support.

I hate Microsoft and their wannabe Flash: SilverLight, but the seem to have produced something nice: Ruby and Python support!
But then we arrive at the same point as Jython… PyGame!!! Silverlight uses IronPython 😦
But there is light at the end of the tunnel, according to a blog post(which I lost), got as far as importing PyGame into IronPython. This does not mean it will run πŸ˜‰ 😑

This is how much energy I’m going to put in it…
In the future it might be possible to write Jython or IronPython games using PyGame and Java/Silverlight. Or someone might write a Python browser plugin…
But at the moment there is no good/tested way of writing browser game with Python.


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