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I’ve never used Twitter before, I considered it useless. But today I registered at Twitter.com, only to surf straight to their API page to realize my new idea.

Those of you familiar with the concept of mindmaps know that they can visualize information which normally would need pages in one single image. Wouldn’t it be great if you could see your network and messages as a network/mindmap? It IS a network after all. 😉

What I made is a mere proof of concept. It fetches some friends and messages from Twitter and shows them at a random place connected with black lines to their author, @friends and #tags. Clicking on a friend shows their network. All objects ar draggable, thanks to jQuery(the image below is slightly ordered 😀 ).

I’ve got no place to put this except for here, so I can only give you an image and a zip file(Box widget over there >>> ), no live example.



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My blog has permanently moved to a self hosted Wordpress at http://pepijndevos.nl

This blog will stay around for accidental search engine visitors.


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